About me

I’m Nicola and I live with my husband, two boys, one bouncy spaniel, seven chickens and three sheep in Buckinghamshire. I previously worked as a window dresser but now my garden has become my creative passion.

I am happy with the knowledge that as a British Flower Farmer, I can do my little bit for nature and the environment. Gardening is good for the body, mind and soul and you get the added bonus of beautiful flowers to enjoy and share.

British flowers can evoke childhood memories with their heady scents. They are natural and unique in their form. In a world where everything is instant, we can look forward to the changing seasons as nature intended. Tulips and Narcissus in spring, Sweet Peas and Snapdragons in Summer, Dahlia’s and Grasses in Autumn.

My true love of gardening was inspired by my parents and I have a strong urge to grow and nurture a beautiful garden in their memory.

“My garden is my happy place”

Flowers From The Farm

I am proud to be a member of Flowers From the Farm, a multi award-winning co-operative of British cut flower growers founded in 2011. Flowers from the Farm is a growing not-for-profit movement with over 1000 active members in the UK promoting British flowers.